New Jersey Fines

Every time you receive a ticket with points in New Jersey, your NJ driving record is reviewed. Moving violation traffic tickets have points associated with them ranging from 2 to 8 points depending on the violation. New Jersey fines vary depending on the type violation.

NJ Surcharges

Once you reach 6 or more points in a 3 year period, a $150 surcharge plus a $25 for each point is charged to you. To reduce the number of points on your NJ driving record, you can take the online NJ driving defensive course.

If you owe a surcharge, an official notice from the New Jersey MVC will be sent to your drivers license address. Additional surcharges may apply for many vehicle related violations such as driving with no drivers license, driving with a suspended NJ drivers license, driving a car with no insurance, DUI, or refusal to take a breathalyzer test. The New Jersey surcharges range from $100 to $1,000.

New Jersey Traffic Court

These fees are in addition to any court assigned fees, court penalties, or increased car insurance premiums. For example, if you have a suspended NJ drivers license and have not paid a surcharge for a no car insurance penalty and you are caught driving, the court can impose an additional $3,000 fine.

If you do not pay the surcharges, your NJ drivers license, NJ driving record and personal property may also be impacted. The NJ MVC can suspend your drivers license, take you to court, place a lien on property, or garnish your wages if you do not respond or pay the surcharge. Even if you move out of state, you are still responsible for paying the NJ surcharges.

NJ Defensive Driving

The New Jersey MVC approved a defensive driving course to educate and improve NJ drivers errors. The course has proven to reduce the number of car accidents a New Jersey driver has through defensive driving techniques that helps one avoid an accident.


The New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) is responsible for vehicle registration and inspections, drivers license, vehicle and driving violations, traffic tickets, and safety programs for drivers and vehicles.

NJ Traffic Ticket

If you break a traffic law in New Jersey your driving record can be affected in several ways. The 2 most common traffic tickets are moving violations and non-moving violations.

New Jersey License Suspension

If you drive with a suspended NJ drivers license you could serve up to 5 years in jail. A drivers license can be suspended in New Jersey for several reasons.