New Jersey Speeding

Speeding tickets in New Jersey come with points and a hefty fine. It’s important to keep your total number of points lower than 6 points on your NJ drivers license to avoid additional penalties and surcharges.

NJ Points System

The moving violation points range from 2 to 8 points for New Jersey traffic tickets. You can review an online list of NJ points.

Points for NJ Speeding Tickets

Here are a few examples of the points you will receive for speeding in New Jersey:

  • 1 to 14 MPH over speed limit = 2 points
  • 15 to 29 MPH over speed limit = 4 points
  • 30 MPH or more over speed limit = 5 points

If you go to slow then and block traffic you will receive 2 points on your New Jersey Driving Record.

Speeding is the leading cause of car accidents so law enforcement takes it very seriously. In New Jersey you can receive a speeding ticket from a variety of law enforcement agencies including the New Jersey State Police, a county sheriff or city police departments.

Regardless of which New Jersey law enforcement agency issues you a speeding ticket in NJ the citation information is transmitted to the State of New Jersey DMV where your driving record is tracked.

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NJ Defensive Driving

The New Jersey MVC approved a defensive driving course to educate and improve NJ drivers errors. The course has proven to reduce the number of car accidents a New Jersey driver has through defensive driving techniques that helps one avoid an accident.


The New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) is responsible for vehicle registration and inspections, drivers license, vehicle and driving violations, traffic tickets, and safety programs for drivers and vehicles.

NJ Traffic Ticket

If you break a traffic law in New Jersey your driving record can be affected in several ways. The 2 most common traffic tickets are moving violations and non-moving violations.

New Jersey License Suspension

If you drive with a suspended NJ drivers license you could serve up to 5 years in jail. A drivers license can be suspended in New Jersey for several reasons.